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Tips for Packing and Hiring a Man With a Van in London

Man With a Van in London

Although moving sounds thrilling, we rarely look forward to the process since we sometimes don’t know where to start. Packing and moving is a laborious process, and sometimes the best solution is to hire a removals company in advance, as they will sort and pack all of your stuff. 

A man and van service works well for minor house removals, an office relocation, or simply as a courier to carry furniture, appliances, or other heavy things you cannot pick up yourself.

Selecting your packing boxes and supplies

Pick robust and high-quality packing boxes. For example, a moving kit with bubble wrap, tape, and various-sized boxes could be an excellent option if you don’t have all the accessories to go with your packing.

To avoid confusion about the contents if you reuse existing boxes, ensure they can support the weight and hide any prior labelling.

Packing your priceless items

Whether it be for emotional or monetary reasons, things will always be more valuable to you.

Small valuables/jewellery

Prioritize these matters so that you are confident they are handled with care. It can be more cost-effective to transfer these goods yourself rather than adding them to another box or having your moving company pack them.

Jewellery is prone to tangling, so keeping it in its original packaging and wrapping it snugly in a compact box might help reduce mess. In order to fill the box and prevent objects from shifting, you may stuff paper or fabric around the edges.

Never go beyond the allotted 30 pounds per package.

This advice is crucial if you are relocating any area of London. If you move the boxes, you can hurt your back, or one of the boxes might collapse under the weight. Put heavy stuff in tiny boxes and light ones in big boxes. Just using this packing advice can save you a lot of misery.

Make sure to wrap any fragile things properly; in certain circumstances, you may need specific packing materials. Speak with your moving company; they could have materials considered standard in the business that you can use to provide further cushioning and protection for your goods.

Create a thorough inventory list.

They are beneficial if you have special items that need special handling with care or significant collections of books, etc… Simply writing “Books” on the labels of your moving boxes is OK. However, we advise filling up thorough inventory lists. The spreadsheet may then be uploaded on your phone while hard copies are printed and attached to each box.

Electronic devices

A standard error is to assume that the removals crew will unplug any electrical equipment. For example, you or a professional must do this if a water line is attached, such as a dishwasher or washing machine. Unfortunately, your moving crew won’t turn it off for safety reasons.

Ensure that all white appliances have been emptied and drained if required. Give your freezer a few days to defrost, and keep the doors open. It is recommended to clean these things before transporting them thoroughly. The cables and plug should be taped up and closed, so they do not dangle behind.

Who should do your moving?

You may get moving quotes from several companies in London simply by filling out a form on the moving companies’ website. But this does not consider the whole aspect of your moving requirement.

In contract getting a quote from Smart Move Specialists, it’s simple. This moving company is located close to Stratford and has an excellent reputation. They use a professional fleet of trustworthy and affordable men with vans. And the booking system is controlled by local and reliable moving specialists.  

The team behind the vans are drivers often significantly more adaptable and capable of handling a range of cargoes. For example, you can request an additional set of hands from delivery drivers to help with heavy lifting or furniture installation.

How to guarantee a secure and safe moving service?

A transport insurance is provided: Smart Moves Specialists and van services are fully protected with a transport insurance premium, which reimburses clients for any damage to their goods up to a value of £50,000. (sufficient for most deliveries).

Locality (Man and van near you): Hiring Smart Moves Specialists is a no-brainer decision, as they are your local moving company. Covering all London boroughs and because of the local van and drivers, they do not need to commute, saving gas rates in your quote. Unfortunately, the conventional guy with a van London service isn’t always the greatest because they might not be local to you.

Get a moving quote, Select Smart Moves Specialists for your next relocation and save money!